09 October 2005


Hi! My name is Steven Ashabraner. I hope you like my family research blog. This blog will be dedicated to the genealogical research of the descendants of Urban ASCHENBRENNER. We will explore my research notes and expand on ideas of how this family may have lived. Follow along as I introduce the research that I have compiled since 1989. I welcome other researchers in unpuzzling the mysteries of this family and many others. This project will take some time to transform into a blog format so please check back regularly. I hope not to disappoint.

My relation to Urban Aschenbrenner:
> Steven C Ashabraner
>> "Private"
>>> Charles E Ashabraner + Olive M Weems
>>>> Edward T Ashabraner + Theresa G Hassenstab
>>>>> William H Ashabraner + Mary E Turner
>>>>>> Joseph Ashabraner + Elizabeth A Gullett
>>>>>>> Henry Ashabraner + Sarah Kiser
>>>>>>>> Henry Ashabraner + Barbara Kingery [?]
>>>>>>>>> Urban Aschenbrenner + Anna M Balte