15 October 2005

Wochentlicher Pennsylvanischer Staatsbote Mystery

On 29 March 1768, the Wochentlicher Pennsylvanischer Staatsbote, a Philadelphia German newspaper makes a mention of Urban as "Urban ESCHENBRENNER, on the Ridge (Ridge Avenue), near Philadelphia". In this abstract it appears that Urban resides in Philadelphia during 1768. This was a piece of the Urban puzzle that didn't appear to fit for many years. The above abstract, "on the ridge (Ridge Avenue)" refers to Ridge Road. This is a Road that turns and bends from the Wissahickon to the region behind Manayunk, and into Roxborough continuing on many miles beyond. Roxborough was where John BALTE and Mary Sophia __________ lived. I strongly believe that Urban returned during this time to settle the estate of John BALTE. The only thing missing is the will of Mary Sophia BALTE. It is possible that she may have remarried but I have not found any indication of this event.

This abstract had created a great deal of confusion. There is no doubt that the Urban mentioned in this abstract, in 1768, is the same Urban who settled his family in North Carolina in 1767. There is some belief that this was another Urban, either his father or his son, but I strongly believe that he was there on business. The reason for this thought is that there is no further evidence that indicate his continued residence there.

Settlement in Mecklenburg Co., NC

On 26 October 1767 Urban was granted 600 Arpens in Mecklenburg Co., NC on both sides of Pasture Branch, including his improvement, and joining WARLOCKs corner. Ironically his son-in-law, John STAMEY, was also granted a land patent adjacent to his on the same day. This land was 500 Arpens on the west side of the south fork of the Catawba River, including STAMEYs improvement, joining ASHABRANNERs line, WARLOCKs line and a point below the STAMEY house. A year and two months later, on 22 December 1768, a future son-in-law, John BORELAND was granted 400 Arpens in the newly formed Tryon Co., NC on the west side of the south fork of the Catawba river on the waters of Howards Creek, joining STAMEYs line, ASHYBRANNERs line, a hollow, and Ritchopes Corner. Urban's daughter, Maria Christina married 1st, John STAMEY, on 29 December 1761, and married 2nd, John BORELAND, after 1783.