16 October 2005

Founding of Daniel's Evangelical Reformed Church

On 26 October 1767, 50 A (Arpens) were granted to Matthew FLOYD consisting of land on the south side of the south fork which included a school-house was sold to Daniel WARLOCK, Frederick WISE, Orpan ASHYBRANNER, Peter STOTLER, Peter SUMMY, and Teter HAVENER for £ 10. Six years later on 9 January 1774, the same land was conveyed to the United Congregations of Lutherans and Calvinists, by Urban ASCHENBRENNER, a trustee, Daniel WARLOCK, Frederick WISE, Peter STOTLER, Peter SUMMY, and Teter HAVENER, all of whom were original founders. A church was organized that same year with J G ARNDT (Johann Gottfried ARENDS) as their first regular minister and Philip HENKEL as his assistant.

The current existing building on this site was built in 1888 and considered to be the third one built there since this site was founded. [SR 1113 (Reepsville Road) northwest of Lincolnton.]